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At St. John Ambulance our mission is to enable Canadians to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training (first aid) and community services (health and safety).


Since 1884 the St. John Council for Ontario has been the provincial arm of St. John Ambulance, a worldwide, humanitarian, federally registered charitable organization dedicated to the service and well-being of others. St. John delivers quality community service and training through its 30 branches, 1,000 nationally certified instructors and over 5,000 volunteers in Ontario.


Provincial Highlights at a Glance


  • 540,000 hours of volunteer service;

  • 6,000 community-based facilities and events receiving service;

  • 7,000 patients assisted by a medical first responder;

  • 42,000 clients visited by a therapy dog;

  • 25,000 hours of student-based campus emergency response;

  • 82,000 hours of service toward the development of youth;

  • 12,000 hours of search and rescue related activities;

  • 3,000 parents/guardians educated on how to properly install a child’s car seat;

  • 134,000 Ontarian’s trained in first aid, health and safety related courses.

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Youth Services 

St. John Ambulance Youth Program is a structured health-oriented program that provides young people with opportunities for social, educational, and personal development through training, community service, leisure activities, and participation at special events. Activities include First Aid, Health Care training, community service, camping, and recreational events. (Ages 12-17+)

YOUTH LEADERS: Helps to supervise Youth Program participants. (Age 18+)


Medical First Responders 

St. John Ambulance Medical First Responder (MFR) volunteers attend countless public events across Ontario to provide basic and advanced first aid when emergencies occur. Our volunteers provide first response casualty care necessary to save a life, prevent further injury, or provide comfort until emergency medical assistance arrives. (Age 16+)


Therapy Dogs 

Car Seat.gif

Car Seat Safety 

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program Teams are made up of evaluated dogs with certified volunteers. Improving lives on a daily basis, the program brings joy and comfort to the sick, lonely, and those in need of a friendly visit. It is continuing to expand as communities recognize the special contributions that caring, four-legged volunteers can bring to all ages. Does your dog have what it takes to be a Therapy Dog? (Age 18+)*

St. John Ambulance Car Seat Safety Teams are made up of trained and certified volunteers. Our volunteers educate and coach parents or guardians in the use of child restraint systems.  Our goal is to help children travel safely all the time, by ensuring the restraint is properly installed and teaching parents how to install and use the seat correctly every time the child travels in the vehicle.        (Age 16+)

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